Pō Mahina 'Ukulele & Guitars - Customer Feedback


Oh my, it keeps getting better!

Love this `uke. So well balanced - upper and lower tones and all across the fingerboard. Mahalo nui loa!

Hope you are well, hugs and kisses to you Nancy and Gracie. CH California

Mahalo, again and again!

I had my first group gig this past Saturday with my new uke. Everybody was oohing and ahhhing over it.

The teacher remarked at the beautiful clear tone. There were a couple of other handmade instruments, and a couple of Kamaka ukes, too.

But NOTHING like my PoManina. GG, Oregon

The ukulele arrived a couple of weeks ago. I am amazed at the perfection of this instrument. It embodies the playability of a jazz guitar for four strings, with the ringing ukulele sound. The Po Mahina Pineapple is the other perfect instrument in my lineup, and this Island Jazz sounds even better, though they sound like separate classes of instruments. Each of these is an individually crafted masterwork for the serious musician, or for anyone that wants to sound GREAT on a ukulele. This Island Jazz plays itself, bro, and makes you sound like a pro.Can't keep it out of my hands.

The Palm and Moon inlay at the top is a very special individual touch, thanks. I can enjoy looking a the inlay as a miniature work of art in its own right while I play.

Finally, this is a rare bargain for the price. This is one to pass on to my grandchildren and onward, and one that will increase in timbre and monetary value like a fine violin. Running out of superlatives.

I hope to own another Po Mahina someday. JG, Guam

Aloha Dennis

Got the guitar. Best I've ever had. People at the workshop loved it, including Jeff Peterson who played it for a while and Uncle Kevin Brown who played it in the Master's Concert on Wed. He and Jeff held it up on stage and told all it was a Po Mahina by Dennis Lake. Everyone who played it thought it was wonderful, and so do I.

Aloha and mahalo nui loa. JT ,California

Aloha Dennis,

The guitar is here! This morning I received a wake up call at 7:15AM from our postmaster saying my package had arrived. I was able to pick it up before the post office officially opened and have been playing it on and off all day! Thank you again...the wood, the sound, and especially your spirit. This guitar is magnificent!

Mahalo and a hui hou, JM, California


The Mauna Loa is the most beautiful sounding and looking instrument I have ever laid my hands on. Thank you for an early Christmas present this year. Again, thank you for building me the perfect guitar - it couldn't be a better instrument.

Merry Christmas, JH Washington


Thank you for the most beautiful `ukulele in the world! It sounds amazing and my hands fit so well on it. It's been exactly a year since we were in Hawaii and visited with you at your beautiful home.

We hope to return someday, ah hui hou. SH, Washington

Aloha nui loa Dennis,

I've had my all Koa Keola Beamer Artist steel string now for about a year. It keeps sounding better and better. I noticed right away that sliding up the neck was like no other guitar - easy, easy.

When I play, people frequently asks me if the guitar is amplified and they just can'see where. The guitar is breathtakingly beautiful, and people that see it can't but stop and comment on its beauty - even strangers. It is really odd to have people come up to me while I'm playing and start to comment on it's beautiful sound - but I'm getting more used to it, I guess.

And the sustain could go into next week. This guitar is just perfect for Keola's nahenahe style of music. Mahalo, again and again for building me this wonderful instrument! I plan on owning several more.

Aloha from the Big Island of Salt Lake - JS, Utah

Aloha Dennis

What a wonderful surprise- and what an absolutely beautiful `ukulele. The wood is unbelievably gorgeous, the workmanship- well- "perfection" is the word, and the sound- WOW!

feel like I'm the luckiest girl in town. I'm going to work hard to make you proud. I don't even know what to say, this `ukulele is a sweet extension of your abundant aloha.

Mahalo nui, mahalo nui VC Nevada

My beautiful slack key guitar and the 'ukulele made for my husband bring me the aloha Dennis, their maker, put into them. CH, Virginia