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Tuners For Solid Peghead Steel String Guitar
Goto 510 tuning machines

Standard on all solid peghead Custom guitars are Gotoh 510 machines. (This does not include the Mark Nelson "Deluxe" which comes with different tuners).

I believe these are the best sealed tuning machines being made.

These have a modern design and are relatively light.

Available in chrome, gold or black.

Grover rotomatic tuners

Grover Rotomatics may be substituted for those who prefer a more traditional look. Available in gold or black with matching metal buttons.

No additional charge.

Ebony buttons are also available - very nice and save some weight.

Add $40.

Golden Age Restoration tuners

For those who prefer an open back machine, Stewart MacDonald Golden Age Restoration individual tuners with cream knob in either bright or relic nickel.

No additional charge.

Waverly tuners

For the best in individual tuning machines, Waverly Tuners from Stewart MacDonald are available in nickel or gold with a wide variety of buttons

Add $100. and up, depending on buttons.

Tuners For Slotted Peghead Steel String Guitar
3-On-Plate Waverly tuners

Stewart MacDonald Golden Age Waverly style tuners are standard with cream buttons and in either bright or relic nickel.

Wavery tuners from Stewart MacDonald are available either as individual machines or 3 on a plate for those who want the best,

Add $80. and up, depending on buttons.

Nylon String Guitar
Gotoh Classical tuners

Gotoh gold matte finish machines with either ivory or black button. They are very good tuners.

Standard on all nylon string guitars.

Gotoh Gold Plate Black Button tuners

For those who would like a wide choice of exceptionally fine machines at a relatively reasonable price, I recommend Gotoh Premium machines

Add $100 to $150 depending on style.

Po Mahina peghead inlay

Standard on all guitars is Pō Mahina inlaid in solid shell on the peghead overlay, mother of pearl or abalone shell dots on the fingerboard, and mother of pearl side dots on the edge of the fingerboard. Any of these may be omitted at no charge.

Palm and Moon custom peghead inlay

I really like this Palm and Moon inlay and have done it often. Each is hand inlaid into the peghead overlay material of your choice. Not available for slotted pegheads.

Add $140.

Other Examples of Custom Inlay

If you have any ideas for custom inlay for either the peghead or fingerboard, send a photo or drawing and we can discuss how it can be translated to your instrument.

This could include almost anything. I have done client initials, family crests, a name in the heelcap, and once, a Humuhumunukunukuapua`a.

Custom inlay Custom inlay Custom inlay
Custom inlay Custom inlay Custom inlay
Custom inlay Custom inlay Custom inlay

Let me know what you would like for inlay and I will give you a quote.

Wood bindings

All guitars with the exception on the Territorial (no bindings), and the Mark Nelson Deluxe (celluloid bindings), come standard with wood binding top and back.

On all Koa, Mahogany or Mango guitars, the binding may be omitted. This is a nice option along with the satin finish option to give a more old timey look. Subtract $100.

No Backstrip No wood backstrip Optional BackstripWood backstrip

Included is the choice of the back being joined with no backstrip, a thin rosewood or ebony backstrip, a wider wood backstrip to match the binding, or a marquetry wood strip.


Steel String Guitars

Shell Rosette Shell rosette Thin Wood Purfling Rope pattern rosette Wider Wood Rosette Wood purfling rosette

Abalone shell rosettes are standard.

You may substitute a thin rosette of wood purfling or a wider wood rosette at no addition charge.

Traditional herringbone style rosette, add $100.


All guitars (except Territorial) have a standard high gloss finish, very thin, but protective.

Optional on guitars with all Koa, Mahogany or Mango bodies is a very nice semi-gloss/satin finish. More old time looking but still hard and protective. (not an oil finish). This is a good choice along with the no binding option for an instrument that you want to have a vintage look.

Deduct $100 for semi-gloss finish.


Any guitar may be fitted with a pickup. A passive pickup has no internal power source. An active has either a battery, or in the case of the Mi-Si, a rechargable capacitor. All of these are installed with a strapjack and require a standard 1/4" guitar type cable.

If you are sure you will never need a pickup, then of course, no need. If you think you might use one only occasionally, consider the K&K. If you are sure you need a volume control, think about the Baggs, with volume and tone.

K&K Pure Mini Steel String

Nice passive system with plenty of power, good sound, 3 transducers, no volume control. Add $175.

K&K Pure Mini Nylon String

Passive system with 4 transducers lots of power, no volume $225.

McIntyre Feather Guitar Pickup

A very effective passive pickup, no volume. . Same price for either steel string or nylon string pick up. Add $200.

Mi-Si Acoustic Trio

This system features an active battery-free preamp designed specifically to work with the L.R. Baggs undersaddle acoustic pickup.

The preamp for this system uses Mi-Si's custom piezo linearization scheme allowing for accurate sound from the pickup.

All you have to do is power up for 60 seconds using the Mi-Si Power Charger, providing you with up to 16 hours of performance time.

Same price for steel string or nylon. Add $200.

MI-Si Acoustic Trio with Volume and Tone

As above, but with very small volume and tone controls mounted inside the guitar at the soundhole. Add $235.

Of course there are many other options. I have had excellent luck with these, but if you have another in mind please let me know.

Traditional Guitar Case

Traditional Cases Available for all size guitars. Traditional style American and Canadian made hard shell cases.

$160. to $275 depending on construction and interior.

Hiscox Guitar Case

Hiscox Cases Made in England, available for many sizes. Check for availability. I like these cases a lot. The Pro II is an excellent light weight case, the Professional offers nearly the protection of a road case at a fraction of the weight. I am an authorized Hiscox dealer.

Available in black or cream exterior.

Pro II $300 for Black, $350 Cream

Artist $600 for Black, $650 Cream

For more information: http://www.hiscoxcases.com/guitar_hiscox.htm

Ameritage guitar case

Ameritage Cases Excellent protection where weight isn't an issue. Available for many size guitars - check for availability.

I am an authorized Ameritage representative.

Silver Series $400.

Gold Series $500.

Dennis Lake

These are some of the possibilities. If there is something else you are thinking of please ask. After all, I am creating custom built guitars.

Dennis Lake — Pō Mahina 'Ukulele & Guitars