Pō Mahina 'Ukulele & Guitars - Guitar Pricing

Dennis Lake

All of my guitars, with the exception of the Territorial, the Mark Nelson Deluxe, and the Owana Salazar Signature, are available with all or most of the choices shown in the options section.

The prices shown here are for instruments with all of the standard features. Your cost could be more or less depending on your choices. Not included is a case, a pickup if needed, and shipping.

All prices are in US Dollars (USD)

Steel String Custom Guitars

Size 1 Punahele Iki $3,850
Size 2 Punahele $4,100
Size 3 $4,300
Size 4 Keola Iki $5,750
Size 6 Makani O Ka'u $4,900
Size 7 Keola Beamer $6,000
Size 8 Mauna Loa $5,200
Size 8 Mauna Loa Cutaway $5,600

Steel String Special Models

The Terrotorial (Size 3) $4,900
Mark Nelson Deluxe (Size 6) $5,200

Nylon String Custom Guitars

Size 5 $4,900
Size 5 Cutaway $5,400
Halia Aloha O Kaupoa (Size 5) $5,500
Keola Beamer (Size 7) $6,000

Nylon String Special Model

Owana Salazar (Size 6) $5,500