Pō Mahina 'Ukulele & Guitars - Halia Aloha O Kaupoa Guitar Model

custom guitar, nylon string model Keith Marzullo, Chris Yeaton and Rich Cook

This is a nylon string guitar for Slack key. The design is taken from the split soundhole guitars designed by the great early 20th Century Spanish maker, Francisco Simplicio.

I have taken his basic thoughts, slightly increased the overall dimensions to modern size, (my Size 5), and made minor modifications to the bracing. I have also lengthened the neck to 13 frets clear of the body which works very well for Ki Ho`alu.

The idea behind the soundholes being higher on the body is to increase the usable vibrating area of the top. This guitar has wonderful strong overtones and lots of sustain. It may be slightly crisper sounding than the Keola Beamer Artist.

The narrow rosette is wood tiled in the Spanish tradition.

The name is in honor of a very special place on Moloka`i and for my friends Keith Marzullo, Chris Yeaton and Rich Cook, whose support and encouragement made this instrument possible.