Pō Mahina 'Ukulele & Guitars - Buddy Fo Special 'Ukulele

custom ukulele, buddy fo

This can be built either as a large body Baritone `Ukulele with nylon strings or as a steel string Tenor Guitar. The outward appearance is the same, but of course the interior construction is entirely different.

Made as a Baritone, this has lots of volume, and a beautiful full sound with lots of overtones. As a Tenor guitar it is bright and clear, excellent for leads.

The measurement of the lower bout is 12 3/4" and it has a 23" scale length. It has a special peghead shape and is standard with a Herringbone rosette.

Buddy's is Koa with an Engelmann Spruce top, but, with the exception of peghead shape and rosette, it can be customized with any of the `Ukulele options. Buddy also specified no frets above the body, and his has the fingerboard scooped out for his strumming style, this is entirely optional.

Each label will be signed by both Sammi Fo and myself, and a portion of the sale price will go to Sammi Fo, to help with her efforts to preserve Buddy's early LP's as CD's available to his fans.

Peghead detail custom hawaiian ukulele, peghead detail Another view
hawaiian custom ukulele