Pō Mahina 'Ukulele & Guitars - 'Ukulele Pricing

Dennis Lake

All instruments from the most traditional Pineapple to a very custom Jazz model are constructed in the same way, one at a time, with sound and playability being the primary concern. When I make an instrument for someone, I also keep in mind what they are looking for in the sound and what kind of music they will be playing.

Before I start, I choose the bracing wood and neck wood that seems right. The bracing will be Sitka, Engelmann, or Adirondack Spruce, each with a slightly different character. The neck wood will be either Honduras Mahogany, or occasionally Spanish Cedar. The details of construction vary, as each instrument is an individual, but I believe all my work shares a certain kind of feel and a sound that is identifiable.

I strive for a clear tone on all the strings, even at the higher frets, and with definite overtones and sustain.

These are the prices for Custom `Ukulele, with all the standard included features mentioned in the Options section- your cost could be more or less depending on how you design your instrument. All models except Aunty Nona's Kapuailohia which does not vary, may be customized in the same fashion.

All prices are in US Dollars (USD)

Traditional Shape

Soprano (Standard) $1,400
Pineapple Soprano $1,400
Concert $1,600
Concert 16" Scale $1,600
Tenor $1,800
Cutaway Tenor $2,100
Tenor 5 or 6 String add $150
Tenor 8 String add $200
Baritone $2,200
Baritone Cutaway $2,600
Baritone 8 String add $200
Guitalele $2,500

Keola Beamer Artist 'Ukulele

Tenor $2,200
Tenor 5 or 6 String add $150
Tenor 8 String add $200
Baritone $2,600
Baritone 8 String $2,800

Island Jazz 'Ukulele

Tenor $2,400
Non-Cutaway Tenor $2,200
Baritone $2,600

Kaliko Breamer-Trapp Signature 'Ukulele

6 String Tenor $2,100
Also available-4,5,8 string no additional charge


Concert $1,750

Buddy Fo Special

Large Body Baritone $2,900

Cigar Box 'Ukulele

Concert Scale $600